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Motivational Maps Practitioner Training

Find out how you can become a specialist in Motivation

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a coach and mentor is helping people achieve their goals and realise they vision. 

A key aspect in helping individuals or teams perform is ensuring that they are motivated.  Motivational factors stem from self-beliefs, expectations and personalities and will always be an important determinant for success.  Addressing an individual’s motivation factors can be the key to unlocking high performance for their own development initiative or for establishing their ‘best fit’ in a team.

Through my own business learning curve, I discovered ‘Motivational Maps’, which have provided me with a valuable change management tool.  Amongst other benefits, Motivational Maps help to;

  • Identify development opportunities
  • Improve Team communication and understanding
  • Get the reward strategies right for every team
  • Recruit the right people that want to do the job


I would encourage you to use this tool for your own business to optimise your own performance as well as your staff or team.

Teams are normally recruited or put together from people with complementary skill sets and no consideration is taken into how motivated are they to complete the task.

Motivational Maps enable team leaders to determine whether or not the team is aligned with the mission, if there are any motivational conflicts that need to be resolved in order to work more cohesively and how to offer rewards to the team in order to boost the motivation of the team. Each report contains eleven actionable ideas that enable the team to perform at a higher level.

The 9 Motivators of work

If we are all a combination of all 9, in which order would you put them in for you? My highest are Searcher, Creator and Spirit and my lowest is Director

How do Motivational Maps work?

Motivational Maps are described as ‘self-perception inventory’ that helps individuals and teams to ‘map’ the various motivators they have in three key areas; relationships, achievements and individual growth.

Within these three key areas of a Motivational Map, there are nine motivators. For each individual, three of these will be stronger and one will represent a core motivator. The technology asks simple questions that eventually generates a unique map for the individual, as well as particular detail about each motivator and how it affects personal performance, as well as particular detail about each motivator and how it affects personal performance.

This diagnostic elevates motivation to a new and more strategic level. It will provide invaluable insight into your values, missions and visions and whether or not the desires of your staff are collectively aligned with these aspects of your organisation.

Whether you are working as an individual or a team, I can help you to complete the online diagnostic, which will generate your personalised report. This 15 page report will reveal your unique motivators and diagnose your current level of motivation. The purpose of this process is to give individuals an insight into their motivations and by extension, the tools to achieve high performance.

How can I complete a Motivational Map?

I’ve developed a mini course that includes a Motivational Map, my “How to stay energised at work” course will teach you what motivation really is, how you can identify and describe what motivates you so you can use the strategies in your map to improve your motivation. Link to course is at the top of the page


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