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It's time to discover the SECRETS to leading your business to success!

Motivation is essential to maintain your energy, the energy in your business and the energy of your team, understanding it can unlock your true potential

NOW is the time to think about your business differently

There are three important elements in your business that need to be Motivated. You as the business owner need to know what's motivating You, Your business need to reflect your motivations and your Team need their motivators to be met:

  1. YOU: Feed your motivators and stay energised
  2. BUSINESS: Know where you're going and Why it matters
  3. TEAM: Empower everyone by your vision for the future

Get these three elements right and you stand the best chance of creating a business that sets you FREE.

Does this ring true for you?

  • Too many days feel like you're treading water!
    There never seems to be time for your personal development 
  • Not knowing where to start
    You've read a few books but not managed to action anything you've learnt
  • Suffering from information overload
    Getting lost and in the detail and lacking a clear framework
  • Overwhelmed with too much to do
    The harder you work the more gets dumped on your plate
  • Frustrated by
    Other people attaining more success who don't have the same level of technical know how as you

Members of the Motivated Business Club get (Package dependent)

Online Courses

3 essential courses to work through at your own pace


Get to know what really gets you out of bed in the morning


Understand your behavioural style so you can relate better with others 

Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching with Mark

Up to 90 minutes each month at a time to suit you

Call Mark Anytime

Call Mark in between coaching sessions (text or voice calls)


Team Motivators

Get to know the motivations of your team, find out what they need to perform at their best


Start with the end in mind, plan out your next 3 months, set goals and intentions


Use as course reference manuals 

Team Development Course

Each member of your team (up to 4) gets access to an on line personal leadership course

You’re not alone

I’m Mark Terrell, the creator of the Reluctant Leader Academy. Having worked my way up through my family retail business, I can confirm that you are not the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed.

It's so easy to drift back into using your technical know how even when you know it's not going to get you where you need to be

You're taking on more and more responsibility so the demands on your time become ever more pressing. And whilst you're getting busier and busier everyone else seems to be less and less productive.

Time to make a PLAN

Research suggests that success isn't down to having a high IQ, it has more to do with your EQ - Emotional Intelligence which is being savvy about the way you relate to others and yourself

It was found the most successful people have an underlying attitude and 7 key skills, which anyone can learn.

Being aware of your own motivations and knowing how they could help or hinder your progress

It all starts with having a plan, a MePLC plan! 

Join The Motivated Business Club Today!


Anchored in a proven fool-proof Method

Everything we do in The Motivated Business Club will be anchored by the Pioneering Professional and Liberating Leadership frameworks, which means that:

You know it’s been proven and tested by 100s businesses and 1000s of people.
You can see where everything fits in the bigger picture of your personal and professional development.
You can refer to the best-selling books to put any given tip, tool or template into context.

"You will not be overwhelmed and clouded by a myriad of leadership theories, on the contrary gain a handful of effective tools to address challenges in your team and workplace"

Sailesh Rao


"I am so grateful that I did as Mark's coaching sessions have turned the abstract concept of leadership into a structured process."

Paul Edwards

"Run by someone who's been there and done it!"

Mark doesn't call himself a Business Coach because he knows that all businesses are a collection of people and knowing how to get the best from each one is the secret to long term success. Each of us needs to have the attitude of managing our own business, even if we work for a huge organisation. It's this mindset that will set you apart and realising that no one cares as much about your success as you do.

You’ll recognise that you’re in safe hands - here are a few of Mark's credentials:

  • More than 30 years experience of running, growing and selling a successful business 
  • 6 years of Coaching and Mentoring  since selling his business
  • Motivation and Leadership Specialist
  • Accredited Practitioner of Motivational Maps, Pioneering Professional and Liberating Leadership

Mark is not going to tell you it will be easy and results are guaranteed because that's not realistic. What you will get is an awareness of what's important, the knowledge to make better decisions that are in line with your aspirations and the support you need. 

Myth Busters

By Mark Terrell

Myth Busters

By Mark Terrell

This is how it works (Package Dependent)

A mix of self-guided learning, 1-2-1 coaching and Team Development

Get started...

  • Complete the Baseline Courses
  • Complete your Motivational Map
  • Complete Color Profile Report

Every Month...

  • 1-2-1 Coaching with Mark
  • Suggested bitesize learning from books, Youtube and Podcasts

Every quarter...

  • Set your intentions for the next quarter to plan your priorities
  • Group Development session 
  • Motivational Map keep in tune with what's driving you

Always there...

  • Call Mark for support with day to day challenges
  • Course Books and Courses for learning in the time that suit you
  • Course Diagnostic Reports exercises to keep you on track

This club is for you if you want to push on and create a business that works for you

It can be lonely when you’re trying to achieve the kind of success you dream about. If you want guidance from someone who's been there then this club is for you 

Would you like…

  • A bit of structure to what you're doing
    Get into a rhythm with your self development that means it gains real forward momentum.

  • Understand yourself better
    Get to know what really gets you out of bed in the morning and how your prefer to do things 

  • A strategic sounding board for your challenges
    Run your challenges past Mark whenever you need to

  • Stop getting distracted 
    Know where you're going and follow a well trodden path

  • Consistently make progress
    Use the questionnaires, checklists and top tips to keep you on track


£195/month (Pay in advance 6 months for the price of 5 £975)


  • Half Yearly Motivational Map
  • Color Profile Report
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching with Mark 
  • Whatsapp Anytime Chat








Individual Plus

£395/month (Pay in advance 6 months for the price of 5 £1975)

  • Baseline Courses
  • Quarterly Motivational Map
  • Color Profile Report
  • Course Books
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching with Mark 
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Whatsapp Anytime Chat






Team Plus (Team of 4 )

£995/month (Pay in advance 6 months for the price of 5 £4975)

  • Baseline Courses
  • Quarterly Motivational Map
  • Color Profile Report
  • Course Books
  • Team Leader Leadership Course
  • Yearly Team Motivational map session
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching with Mark
  • Quarterly Team Training Sessions 
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Whatsapp Anytime Chat
  • £250/month extra per extra team member



7 Days to take a look around

"If in the first 7 days you notify us that it's not for you, we will cancel your subscription and refund any money you have paid" ~ Mark Terrell

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