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Leading a team can be lonely and confusing, when you’re in the right mindset, understand the process and get to know the skills it will become a lot easier

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Is your work controlling your life?

If your work seems to be controlling your life and you just don’t get time to stop and think, you know it's time to look at things differently. Many business owners start their business with a passion to solve a problem, freedom to do things their way and have more control over their time. The reality is that your expertise will only get you so far, there comes a time you need to know how to build a dream team.

"Recently I completed the ‘How to lead your team with confidence’ course with Mark. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build on their leadership knowledge. I found it to be the most effective and shortest course. The knowledge shared will broaden your leadership knowledge in a very pragmatic way. You will not be overwhelmed and clouded by a myriad of leadership theories, on the contrary gain a handful of effective tools to address challenges in your team and workplace."

Sailesh Rao

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I would be delighted to offer a free 90 minute coaching session to see if we are a good fit, don't worry it won't turn into a sales call!

Once you have booked I will send a questionnaire before our call which will take about 10 minutes to complete and will need to be emailed back beforehand.

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When you work with Mark Terrell you will...


Gain the confidence to lead your team to high performance


Understand the process to use time and time again for all projects


Get to know the key skills that will set you apart as a leader


Prevent conflict in your team by promoting clear understanding of your vision


Get to know how to create and develop your dream team

"As much as I was interested to learn about my own motivations and understand them a little better, I was particularly grateful to get an insight into the motivators of the rest of the team, and to consider carefully with Mark the benefits and dangers of the various combinations amongst us"

Sarah Bays

"I would highly recommend working with Mark for motivational mapping. I have undertaken motivational mapping assessments with Mark for myself and also my team. Each time I have taken huge amounts of actionable insights from them each time."

Barry Coombs

"I have undertaken a coaching relationship with Mark through his Reluctant Leadership programme. I was not so much reluctant , just "stuck". This was a treat to myself and it has been without a doubt excellent value for money. Mark was patient, supportive and challenging, everything a good coach should be."

Jane Boulton

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"I only have 10 private 1-to-1 clients at any one time, so this
offer may not be available next time you visit this page"
~ Mark Terrell

Kick start

£395 per session

Deep dive into Motivation and Behavioural Styles preferences

  • 120 minute remote Zoom call
  • Motivational Map
  • Color Persona Profile
  • Comprehensive Feedback 
  • 30 minute follow up call
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£295 per month

Follow on from Kick Start, ongoing Coaching and Mentoring

  • 90 minute remote 1-to-1 Zoom call
  • Motivational Map every 6 months
  • Weekly Check in
  • Lowest Prices for on line courses
  • Live Task Management
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Twice Monthly

£495 per month

Intensive Support after Kick Start, Coaching, Mentoring and Training

  • 2 x 90 min zoom calls per month
  • Motivational Map every 6 months
  • Daily Check-in (Monday- Friday)
  • Free online courses
  • Pro-active problem solving
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