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How to stay energised at work

Being energised at work comes from being engaged in the task and having the enthusiasm to complete it. The key is to know What you do, How you like to do it and most importantly Why you do it, or in other words, what motivates you.This course will give you an understanding of what motivation is, why it’s important and How you can identify what’s really important to you so you can make better career and business decisions. 

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"I'm scrapping my plan for tomorrow since I've just completed Mark Terrell's "How to stay energised at work" course. I realised my core motivators are nowhere what I thought they were. So tomorrow I'm scrapping my planned day and working on me, and my business, so I can get back some enthusiasm.

Seriously I encourage everyone, employed or self-employed to contact Mark and do this course."

Rachael Chiverton

4Networking Area Leader at 4Networking Ltd

"I've just had a session with Mark, where he took me through the results of the motivational maps exercise he'd got me to do before our call and it was SO useful! As he explained, we'll take action and make decisions in our business based on what we are highly motivated about - so it's important to know what our motivators are!

But ... knowing what is NOT high on our list of motivators is just as important, if not more so!

I found the session really insightful, especially looking at the things I have clearly been moving AWAY from (which explains some of the things I have been struggling with in my business) and Mark helped me think about what actions/decisions I need to work on to build the business, lifestyle and income I want.

If you haven't had one of these sessions with Mark, I can highly recommend you do."

Susan Payton

Helping business owners talk about what they do so
that their customers 
listen I certified StoryBrand Guide & copywriter.


"I have to tell you I've only met Mark once and he is exactly how he comes over in his 'The Reluctant Leader' Podcast and #leadershiptunes. Basically he is a nice guy to be around, but much more than that, he knows his business. I had no hesitation signing up to "How to stay energised at work". I have no problem feeling energised, however, my reasoning was that it would be good to identify possible other areas where I could 'do better'.

I followed the easy to use course and was surprised by the way my thought process altered along the way.

The results in the report were spot-on, both strong and weak areas were highlighted together with suggestions on how to identify and overcome them. The course is in no way judgemental, there are many comparisons and you can take it at your own speed,

I liked that there was a follow-up option with Mark and YES this is something I would recommend to everyone who is in business, be it their own or corporate. Thanks, Mark."

Gillian (Pearman) Fountain 
Increase your on/offline visibility. Marketing, Websites, Social that works. 
#linkedinlocalBasingstoke Facilitator.


"I was very impressed with Mark's 'How to identify your primary motivations' presentation to a group of entrepreneurs recently. I followed through with the process with Mark to identify my own PM`s, the output from which was very enlightening and spot on!! The 1:1 follow up with Mark gave me a very good insight to actions I need to take to make sure I get the most pleasure and self reward out of my work! Highly recommended!"

Andrew Middleton CEng APMP
Technical Project Manager at Amfax Ltd -Leading the way in Precision Engineering I STEM Ambassador.

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