How to stay energised at work

Know what really motivates you so you can make better decisions for yourself, your business and your career


The trouble with Motivation

Motivation is one of most heavily used and misunderstood words in self development, not least because we are lead to believe there is such a thing as Motivational Speakers. To understand it better we need a language to use to describe it and identify it and then a way to measure and maximise it which is what you'll get from this course

Mark's Story

I made the crucial mistake of accepting the next thing that was offered to me without thinking about whether it was right for me. When you know what gets you out of bed in the morning and , just as importantly, what doesn't you can make better conscious decisions that will keep you enthusiastic, energised and engaged. This is why all my clients start with a Motivational Map which is included in this course. 

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Is this just another behavioural style test?

No, behavioural or psychometrics tests are very useful to help you understand yourself and get on better with others, this course is about what gets you out of bed in the morning. Knowing where you draw your energy from is essential if you are going to enjoy what you do in the long run.

Give yourself the advantage of knowing
your core decision making drivers

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Being energised at work comes from being engaged in the task and having the enthusiasm to complete it. The key is to know What you do, How you like to do it and most importantly Why you do it, or in other words, what motivates you.

This course will give you an understanding of what motivation is, why it’s important and How you can identify what’s really important to you so you can make better career and business decisions.

This course will give you

A clear idea about what really motivates you

Strategies to maintain and improve your motivation

An action plan to keep you on track

Contact Mark
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Andrew Middleton CEng APMP

The 1:1 follow up with Mark gave me a very good insight to actions I need to take to make sure I get the most pleasure and self reward out of my work! Highly recommended! 

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Rachael Chiverton

Seriously I encourage everyone, employed or self-employed to contact Mark and do this course.

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Gillian (Pearman) Fountain

The results in the report were spot-on, both strong and weak areas were highlighted together with suggestions on how to identify and overcome them.

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Stefan Thomas

If you are in business and you haven't completed a Motivational Map session, you should.

What is a Motivational Map

Watch this short video where I explain and walk you through the 15 page report


Whats included?

5 x short (Less than 10 minute) step by step videos  

Motivational Map 

Stop Start review and action plan

Individual Motivational Action Plan


On Line Course plus debrief session with Mark

  • On Line Course
  • Motivational Map
  • Motivational Action Plan
  • 1-2-1 on-line debrief (30 mins)

Don't leave motivation to chance!

When we have our own map to guide us we can take the path that’s right for us, without it we are just like sail boats at the mercy of the wind or driftwood floating down the river


Individual Plus Motivational Action Plan


Course plus debrief and coaching session with Mark

  • On Line Course
  • Motivational Map
  • Motivational Action Plan
  • 1-2-1 on-line debrief (30 mins)
  • 60 minute follow up coaching call

Team Motivational Action Plan


4 Individual Plus Courses (£250 for each additional team member)

  • 4 x On Line courses
  • 4 x Motivational Maps
  • 4 individual Action plans
  • 4 x 1-2-1 on line debriefs (30 mins)
  • 4 x 60 minute coaching calls

Team Plus Motivational Action Plan


Team Package Plus a Motivational Team Report (£250 for each additional team member)

  • Everything in Team Package
  • Motivational Team Map
  • 60 minute Team Leader Strategy Session
  • Follow up 30 minute session
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Become a Motivation Specialist 

Make motivation part of your business culture by having an in-house trained Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner. Motivational Maps can replace your employee surveys and revolutionise your appraisal system and as a development tool to enhance in-house coaching. 

Become a Motivational Maps Licensed Practitioner

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