How to lead your team with confidence

The 7 Module programme that will transform your leadership and even your life forever!


A tried and tested programme developed over 20 years

I ended up in leadership without any training for the position and winged it for many years until I became disillusioned with my role. There is no need to let that happen, once you know the mindset of a leader developer, the process to follow and skills at each point in the process you will have all you need to leave a lasting legacy.

Mark's Story

I made the crucial mistake of accepting the next thing that was offered to me without thinking about whether it was right for me. When you know what gets you out of bed in the morning and , just as importantly, what doesn't you can make better conscious decisions that will keep you enthusiastic, energised and engaged. I have used the principles I have learnt and teach in this course to create not just a business but what I regard as a life changing programme.

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Leadership is nothing to do with authority

Although sometimes it helps, leadership is about the ability to positively influence others to follow you. Sometimes this means that some will fall be the wayside which is ok, those you want to come on the journey will be inspired to stay on board. When you know the right way to go about leading your team you will have the confidence to keep going when the going gets tough.

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I’ve not reinvented the wheel!

At the heart of this course is the award winning Liberating Leadership programme developed by Dr Derek Biddle and Ali Stewart.

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This course will teach you

1. The Central mindset of a Leader Developer

2. The 4 step process to follow

3. The key skills to use at each step in the process

Contact Mark
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Paul Edwards

Any leader looking to gain confidence and improve relationships and performance will benefit from working with Mark. He's been easily accessible from another country and timezone, the podcast is also very good

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Jane Boulton

This was a treat to myself and it has been without a doubt excellent value for money. Mark was patient, supportive and challenging, everything a good coach should be

So what are the 7 modules?

Here's a brief walk through of the 7 modules and what is covered

What's included?  7 Prerecorded Modules


 Motivational Map
Color Persona Behavioural Style Report
3 Liberating Leadership Diagnostic Reports
3 x coaching sessions up to 90 minutes each

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