How to become more successful, very quickly and still have a great life outside of work 

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Do you feel other people, with less technical know how, are getting better opportunities and becoming more successful than you?

Research suggests that success isn’t down to having a high IQ, it has more to do with your EQ – Emotional Intelligence which is being Savvy about the way you relate to others and yourself.

In 4 weeks or less, you’ll have the self directing skills for life that you can start practicing to create more success in your life, career and business.

Imagine, having a roadmap designed to bring more peace, control and balance to your life.

Get instant access to the How to become a High Flier” course today


I’ve successfully grown and sold a multi million pound business employing over 45 staff and sold that business when it wasn’t for sale, I’m convinced it wasn’t my technical know how that allowed that to happen.


How to become a High Flier is the result of my personal experience and great programme I’ve picked up along the way. 

Step 1

Learn how to shape your own environment.


Step 2

Know the skills to develop that with make the biggest impact.

Step 3

Influence and negotiate better than you’ve ever done before.

Step 4

Bust through the common time wasters which catch you out every time.

Step 5

Create your own powerful career plan for success

The Course is grounded by the Pioneering Professional Framework which came out of research carried out in the late 1990 early 2000s and trialled, refined and trialled again with large and small companies across many market sectors.

Here’s what you’ll get in the
How to Become a High Flier Course

20 video with over 2 hours of on line training, with workbook and info sheets

3 Diagnostic questionnaires and a Color Persona Behavioural Style report

Private coaching sessions with Mark

To add even more value to the
How to Become a High Flier Course and give even more opportunity to create success in your life

Access to "How to stay energised at work" course
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3 Private 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions with Mark 

worth £585

Instant access to the Leadership Launchpad course worth £27

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Get instant access to the How to become a High Flier” course today


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Get instant access to the How to become a High Flier” course today