How becoming a Motivation Specialist will enhance your business

  1. Making a bigger difference - helping others to understand what really drives their decision making so they can make better decisions for themselves
  2. Doing things your way - Motivational Maps have many applications, they are great for increasing self awareness and opening up conversations and solving important problems
  3. Be a Specialist - In the digital age we all have the opportunity to specialise, decide who we want to work with and what problems we want to solve
  4. Increase your earning potential - Motivation is important to everyone, we don’t get out of bed because of our personality
  5. Stand out from the crowd - Be different to most other coaches and trainers
  6. Motivation is the energy we all need to perform at our best - helping everyone identify what's really driving them  
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Are you looking to stand out from the crowd as a Coach, HR or Recruitment Specialist?

When I started my coaching business all I seemed to see is people doing the same as me and I quickly realised I needed to find something to differentiate myself from the pack. I was lucky enough to come across Motivational Maps very early on in my coaching journey and have become the starting point for all my clients 


Tap into the motivational source.

Performance depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation.

The Motivational Maps® system provides the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these to manage and sustain - motivation.

Motivational Maps® reveals your key motivators in clear and easy to understand reports.

Unlock motivation with Motivational Maps®.

This online accreditation course will teach you

1. What Motivation is

2. The role Motivation plays in Performance

3. 8 Ways to use Motivational Maps

4. Symptoms of Poor Motivation

5. How to use Motivational Maps with individuals

6. How to use Motivational Maps with Teams

7. Why Motivational Maps Compliment Psychometric profiling

8. How Motivational Maps can revolutionise appraisals and staff surveys 

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Individual Maps

Great for 1 to 1 coaching sessions and appraisals for setting action plans around increasing motivation

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Team Maps

Great for Team sessions to improve team understanding and allow every to shine and for Team Leaders/Business Owner to understand the role they need to play to motivate their team

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Start using Motivational Maps in your Business

There can’t be many more rewarding things we can do than help people improve their motivation. We all need it, if it’s missing, individually, we lack energy and focus and businesses suffer from poor performance and productivity.

Pay Now and get immediate access to 4 online modules
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Lisa Westbury

Maps help clients see what energises them in their career and understand what might be causing them a problem. They provide a valuable route map to job satisfaction.

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Roger Fairhead

I have found that using Motivational Maps at the start of a new client coaching engagement is really helpful for my clients to get to know and understand themselves better. This ultimately helps them to understand how to inspire the people in their teams and lead them more effectively.

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Sam Swinstead

Motivational Maps provide a great start point for useful discussions with employees about what is driving them at work and how we can best help them to be as engaged and motivated at work as possible

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What is a Motivational Map?

In this short video I walk through a Motivational Map

Pay Now and get immediate access to 4 on line modules

Motivation Masterclass - How can identifying, describing and measuring motivation to improve performance


Motivational Maps Live - How to use Team Data to improve motivation and identify motivational strengths and weaknesses


Motivational Maps Live - Identifying our blind spots as a business owner


Motivational Maps Live - How to revolutionise the appraisal process using  Motivational Maps


Motivational Maps Live - How to recruit and develop engaging managers using Motivational Maps


Motivational Maps Live - How to promote interdependency in your teams  using Motivational Maps