Have You Ever Given Yourself a Personal M.O.T?

Listen to this quick message from the Reluctant Leader Academy Founder, Mark Terrell


Like your car needs to be checked over to make sure it's still fit for purpose and roadworthy, my Personal M.O.T is designed to check in with key success elements, your motivations and the actions you are taking to get to where you want to be.

Get Your Personal M.O.T started for free with my Essential Success Scorecard:

Start here by completing your Success Essential Scorecard

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Complete you Success Essentials Scorecard (3 minutes)

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Complete Your Motivational Map (12 minutes)

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Start making conscious decisions about your future

The whole Personal M.O.T process is designed to be quick and effective. Start by completing your Success Essentials Scorecard, I'll then be in touch with the link to purchase your Motivational Map (£149) and link to book your coaching session

Start here by completing your Success Essential Scorecard