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My story

This is how I've found myself helping Reluctant Leaders to become Liberated/Confident Leaders

When I left school to join our family retail business I was full of ideas of about how I could help to grow the business and to bring in new technology to streamline the business.

Introducing new technology was my forte, It did test my negotiating skills to get the buy in from my Dad but eventually I got the go ahead. Introducing any new process to a business has its challenges with training and changing old habits but my determination got me through.

As time went by, and because of my pro active style, I was gradually given more responsibility for the day to day running of the business. This initially wasn’t a problem but as time went on I started to spend too much time on the day to day, and not doing what I loved which was innovating.

The latter years of running the business became a slog as my motivation drifted and my focus on driving the business suffered. Looking back I recognised how I let the day to day engulf me and lead to a drop in enthusiasm for my role.

With that experience behind me and after selling the business, I realised my mistake and have recognised it as a common experience whether running your own business or working in an organisation.

The Reluctant Leader Project is design to help those people who, through no fault of their own, have become leaders and are feeling out of their depth. There are three areas that I focus, the mindset, the process and the skills you need to become a Liberated Leader.

You will find lots of free advice. Don’t miss The Reluctant Leader Podcast, mini courses to complete in your own time and application to join The Reluctant Leader Mastermind which opens 3 times per year.

I hope you find here the inspiration you’re looking for. Leadership is a choice and when you know how, it can ultimately be very rewarding.


"I have to tell you I've only met Mark once and he is exactly how he comes over in his 'The Reluctant Leader' Podcast and #leadershiptunes. Basically he is a nice guy to be around, but much more than that, he knows his business. I had no hesitation signing up to "How to stay energised at work". I have no problem feeling energised, however, my reasoning was that it would be good to identify possible other areas where I could 'do better'.

I followed the easy to use course and was surprised by the way my thought process altered along the way.

The results in the report were spot-on, both strong and weak areas were highlighted together with suggestions on how to identify and overcome them. The course is in no way judgemental, there are many comparisons and you can take it at your own speed,

I liked that there was a follow-up option with Mark and YES this is something I would recommend to everyone who is in business, be it their own or corporate. Thanks, Mark."


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