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If you’re feeling you’re not cut out for this leadership thing, you’re in the right place. I’ve been there and made all the mistakes, let me show you how you can learn to love your role and leave a lasting legacy

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Where it all began

My father started our family retail business 18 months before I was due to leave school, when I joined it was growing fast and everyday was a bit of a whirlwind. I quickly established myself as the innovator, always looking for way to improve and streamline the business and try to stay one step ahead of the competition. as time went by, and because of my pro active style, I was gradually given more responsibility for the day to day running of the business. This initially wasn't a problem but as time went on I started to spend too much time on the day to day, and not enoughdoing what I loved which was innovating.

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What I wish I knew then that I know now

The latter days of running the business became a slog as my motivation drifted and my focus on driving the business suffered. Looking back I recognised how I let the day to day engulf me and lead to a drop in enthusiasm for my role. With that experience behind me and after selling the business, I realised my mistake and have recognised it as a common experience whether running your own business or working for an organisation.

Leading a Team is a matter of Mindset, Process and Skills

There comes a time when your technical expertise will hold you and your business back, what you need is the mindset of a leader developer, the process to follow and the key skills at each point of the process.

The Reluctant Leader Academy is here to help you if ,through no fault of your own, have become a leader and are feeling out of your depth and disillusioned with your role.


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Paul Edwards

Training and Coaching Manager at Vocus Communications

A lifetime of leadership experience on demand. Having been formally appointed to a leadership position a friend recommended I work with Mark. I am so grateful that I did as Mark's coaching sessions have turned the abstract concept of leadership into a structured process. Any leader looking to gain confidence and improve relationships and performance will benefit from working with Mark. He's been easily accessible from another country and timezone, the podcast is also very good.

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Jane Boulton

Manager of Springboard Chippenham

Mark's use of tools enabled me to re-frame not only my thinking but also my position. We had some very interesting discussions following on form my Motivational Map. Yes there are still the challenges, Mark does not have a magic wand but I have been supported to find new perspectives which has been liberating. I have found the podcasts especially interesting , they revealed a new network of thinkers. This was a treat to myself and it has been without a doubt excellent value for money. Mark was patient, supportive and challenging, everything a good coach should be.

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Nick Clarke

Creating Inspiring Workplaces

After commissioning Mark to undertake a review of our new business and general marketing strategy I am seriously impressed with the detail and methods adopted. After carrying out 'Motivational Map Profiling' and 'C -Me Profiling' Mark produced a perfect profile that I intend to use to develop our business and commit to ongoing training with him. A relaxed and knowledgable individual , Mark compliments our business and will provide real Value !

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Darren Moffatt

Sales Director Sound Marketing (SW) Ltd

I have been a long-time sceptic of business coaching; not that I have ever thought I had all the answers, I guess I have just had too many bad experiences at networking meetings. After we used motivational maps to look how to help the sales team, I made a slight adjustment that had a great impact on the sales conversion. Mark has the knack of asking different questions to the ones I had been trying to solve. If you are looking for someone who can give a different perspective to your business, I recommend Mark Terrell.

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