Everyone understands motivation don’t they?

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Motivation Matters Newsletter

Each fortnight, I’ll be diving deep into the topic of motivation and why it’s so important for personal and business performance. In this episode I will explore why many are confused by what motivation really is and why most Motivational Speakers are more Inspirational than Motivational.

The word Motivation can be described as a portmanteau because it’s a word that’s made by blending 2 or more words together, in this case motive and action. The motive part refers to our reason and the action part is what we then do as a result of the reason.

We have been lead to believe that there’s such a thing as a Motivational Speaker which begs the question, can we be motivated by listening to a speaker? Or in other words, can someone give us a reason to do something?

Unless we are in a position of desperation and have to make decisions based on need then I will suggest we can be inspired but not motivated, the exception being if the speaker is already aware of our motivations.

I’ve noticed that some Motivational Speakers are very clear on the type of person they want in their audience by the language they use in their marketing. I will be returning to the connection that marketing has to motivation in future newsletters as knowing what our potential clients are motivated by is key to attracting them.

When we hear a story about overcoming adversity from a speaker it can often help us to overcome our own challenges. So when we listen to the majority of “Motivational “ speaker we are in fact more likely to be inspired to act rather than motivated.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what motivation is and the difference between motivation and inspiration. Next time I’ll explore why motivation is about creating the right environment to be motivated

Until next time



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