Can we ever be balanced?

#motivation balance blog Dec 18, 2020

I went to The Glove Factory in Holt for a talk by Simon Tyler a few years ago, Simon talked about the impact we all have on others when we don't even realise it which was very thought provoking. I can recommend his book, The Impact Code, which is full of useful ways to enhance your presence and impact at work.

During his talk he mentioned balance and an experience he had when he stood on 2 scales, with each of his feet on different scales, to see how his weight was distributed. The purpose was to improve posture and subsequently better body balance. His body was compensating for his weight being unbalanced by making adjustments in another part of his body. This got me thinking about whether it's possible to be perfectly balanced and how could it be achieved day to day.

This example was about physical balance but what about how we see the world, can that ever be balanced? We are all influenced by many things, family and friends, what we read and watch, our surrounding, our past and...

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