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The importance of knowing what really motivates you in troubled times

motivation Mar 26, 2020

Motivation is the energy you need to perform at your best so knowing what it really is that gets you out of bed in the morning is essential. 

During troubled times these motivational drivers and whether they are being met are felt even more

Find out what motivates you here

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Knowing Me, Knowing You


Before we can lead others we need to know ourself

What’s your behavioural style and how does that affect your leadership style?

What motivates you, what gets you out of bed in the morning?


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What do you get from Networking?


If you’re going out to network you need to go with an intention in mind. If that intention is only about gaining business then you probably not enjoy it and the added pressure with be felt by others in the room.

There will be opportunities to fulfil many key motivators at most events such as sharing expertise (Speaking), being part of something bigger than yourself and making a difference.

Check out these podcast episodes for more on getting the most out of networking

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Do they work for you, or do you work for them?


If your mindset is they work for me then I think you could be making your life easier by turning that upside down.

By starting by asking what can I do for my team you are taking the pressure off and you are more likely to get back what you want as a result

Come and here me speak about it on Thursday March 26th at The Engine Shed, Temple Meads, Bristol BS1 6QH

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The trouble with Appraisals


Whether you’re the appraiser or appraisee the process can often be stressful and not lead to a useful outcome.

Putting the focus on motivation by using Motivational Maps can transform the process for both parties.

For appraisee they can use their Map to focus on what they  need from their role by using the included strategies and action plan. 

The appraiser can then focus on what they need to do to support and motivate the appraisee

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Have you shared your vision?


Leadership is about getting others to follow

If you’re not sharing your vision your team won’t be bought in and could be confused about what is going on.

Communicate your vision often, notice when you’re making progress and feedback to your team often

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How do you give Freedom and Autonomy?

autonomy freedom spirit Jan 30, 2020

Everyone wants it, apparently, but what does giving freedom and autonomy mean?

For me its a step by step process, give some, see how it works and then review.

What experience have you had with giving a bit of freedom in how something is done?


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