Leadership is Marketing in disguise

blog leadership marketing Jul 02, 2020

If you want others to follow you don’t forget that we connect mostly on an emotional level, the same goes for marketing, so don't go straight to the logic. 

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Everyone is Reluctant

blog motivation reluctant Jun 22, 2020

Everyone has a reluctance around doing something, personally it's about being in charge and having influence. Sometimes the key to our success is identifying what we don't do naturally so we can put a plan of action in place to get it done.

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What form does your dependence take?

blog dependence May 23, 2020

In new environments we tend to start out in a dependency state but as we learn and grow we gradually move through the dependency stages until we reach inter-dependent. 

Some will get stuck at the counter-dependent and independent stages, we should look out for this and take steps to lead them to interdependency.  

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