Can you measure motivation?


How we can identify, describe, measure, and maximize motivation for everyone in your team and most importantly you? The tool I use is motivational maps the reason I use them because it identifies motivation. It takes about 10 minutes. It's an online questionnaire it describes using nine motivations which I'm gonna go through with you now.

Firstly, what does is it gives us, you'll see three groupings. There's three relationship motivators. There's three achievement motivators, and there's three growth motivators. So we are all, a combination of all these. . But what we've gotta do is find the right order for us. Which one's most important down to them one that's least important.

So there's three groups of three, and what we've also gotta think about is what does each one mean? So I'm gonna go through each one of them to give you a quick overview. So top left is the defender. The defender is the motivation for security, predictability, and stability. The friend is the motivation for...

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