What does motivation have to do with creating the right environment?

Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Motivation Matters Newsletter

If you read the first edition you will understand the difference between Motivation and Inspiration, in this edition I’ll explain how motivation is as much to do with the environment we create as the work we do.

Let’s look at how we can create our own environment that will motivate us from the perspective of a business owner. In my “How to become a High Flier” course I cover the 7 skills and key attitude which contribute to the self-directing skills for life.

Rather than falling into the trap of thinking everything happens to us, we need to take the attitude of responsible initiative by shaping our own environment. This involves accepting we can influence most things with the right attitude and avoiding the trap of becoming a work victim.

So what has this got to do with motivation you may be thinking, well motivation is essentially how we feel about our work. To feel good about our work we need to understand how to create the right environment to allow that to happen.

I remember meeting a young solicitor at a networking meeting some years ago and discovering during our conversation that she wasn’t particularly feeling it for her job. It turned out, after completing a Motivational Map®️, that she was primarily driven by making a difference and belonging so I suggested revisiting her client feedback.

After reading through her feedback she connected to the difference she made which was things like, made the process easy, helped understand the process and made it enjoyable. She realised how important her feedback was to fulfil her motivation to make a difference so made revisiting it part of her weekly routine.

The biggest change came when she realised that the motivation to belong was unlikely to be fulfilled by her current employer due to its size and culture. She decide to look for a smaller law firm that had a team culture and potential for being part of the leadership.

She eventually found the ideal opportunity which meant she would need to move house, as she was confident that it was the right move for her she made the move and hasn’t looked back.


This a greatly example of becoming aware of the environment needed to perform at our best and then taking the action needed to create it. She could’ve decided to stick it out but knew the only way was to take responsibility for creating her own environment.


In the next edition of the newsletter I’ll explore how we can create the right environment for our team by playing our part in creating that environment.

Until next time


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