The Reluctant Leader Podcast Mark Terrell Leading your Team with Confidence

podcast series5 Jun 05, 2020

Mark “So Paris, welcome to the reluctant leader podcast.”

Paris “Thanks very much”

Mark “Now people that have heard the intro will know that I'm actually it's not me in the hot seat today, and I'm going to be passing over control to you. It's only been done once before, I did this on the first episode in series one where I handed it over to somebody to interview me. So I'm going to hand over to you to take control.”

Paris “Excellent. Well, I've prepped a nine hour interview Mark, so I hope you've got a shaving kit and a packed lunch and everything. Mark, first off, thank you for asking me to interview you, it's an absolute pleasure and I'm absolutely inspired by your story. And while I was reading about you, a story came to my mind I read about years and years ago, it was about the captain of the All-Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team. I think it was Sean Fitzpatrick, so this is going way back, but he just found out that he was going to be...

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