Lead to Succeed Podcast with Mark Terrell

We kick things off discussing what leadership means to Mark and this is around setting a vision, communicating this vision to your team and being consistent with everyone. As a leader its important to be clear on these things; what are we doing, how are we doing it and why it's important?  Then in combination with a clear vision, it's about supporting your team to achieve goals relating to this but also finding the balance between challenging them too.
We discussed supporting teams and helping them to know when they are making a difference and contributing to the outcomes and goals of the business. Mark shared a very effective way of doing this by recognising people doing things right, having an honest conversation and simply feeding back to them on a job well done, either verbally or with a note.
Lastly, we go on to discuss the change from a push style of leadership to a pull. In the early stages in a business, leaders need to get teams progressing on their tasks, pushing them...

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