Do you get energy from being noticed and recognised?

When asked why we go to work many will reply "To pay the bills" which is, of course, a basic need that needs to be met. If we assume you have enough money to pay the bills, what will make work more enjoyable for you and what would make you stay with your current employer or seek another opportunity? 

In this post I'm going to explore the need for recognition, or in motivational maps language, the Star motivator. If this is one of your key drivers you are looking to be noticed and held in high esteem. You will want to know you are doing a good job so any positive feedback will be highly motivating. If you are looking to gain some recognition for your business, a Star will be a great person to put in charge of that project and don't forget to give them a great title and lots of praise when the goal is achieved.

If you are managing someone with a high Star motivator you'll need to plan how they can receive the recognition they are looking for. This could be as simple as a regular...

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