It’s tough at the top especially if you don’t want to be there!

blog Dec 03, 2020

When I joined my Family Business it started out as great fun, the business was growing fast and to keep pace with the changes in the business we had to be creative and push some boundaries. I particularly liked to problem solve and got stuck in and take charge whenever there was something that needed sorting out, it was when I most enjoyed my work.

As time went by I was trusted more and more to take a problem area of the business and come up with a solution that worked for the business. Inevitably this then lead to more responsibility for the day to day running of the business because my actions indicated I wanted to take charge. This continued until one day I ended up in the position that I was making the majority of the decisions.

For a while this wasn’t a problem, it felt daunting but anything that is new generally does until you get used to it. I invested in some training and support which gave me new skills that helped me understand my role better but I wasn’t...

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Do they work for you, or do you work for them?


If your mindset is they work for me then I think you could be making your life easier by turning that upside down.

By starting by asking what can I do for my team you are taking the pressure off and you are more likely to get back what you want as a result

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How do you give Freedom and Autonomy?

autonomy blog freedom spirit Oct 10, 2020

Everyone wants it, apparently, but what does giving freedom and autonomy mean?

For me its a step by step process, give some, see how it works and then review.

What experience have you had with giving a bit of freedom in how something is done?

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The trouble with Appraisals


Whether you’re the appraiser or appraisee the process can often be stressful and not lead to a useful outcome.

Putting the focus on motivation by using Motivational Maps can transform the process for both parties.

For appraisee they can use their Map to focus on what they  need from their role by using the included strategies and action plan. 

The appraiser can then focus on what they need to do to support and motivate the appraisee

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Have you shared your vision?


Leadership is about getting others to follow

If you’re not sharing your vision your team won’t be bought in and could be confused about what is going on.

Communicate your vision often, notice when you’re making progress and feedback to your team often

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Leadership is Marketing in disguise

blog leadership marketing Sep 02, 2020

If you want others to follow you don’t forget that we connect mostly on an emotional level, the same goes for marketing, so don't go straight to the logic.


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Everyone is Reluctant

blog motivation reluctant Jun 22, 2020

Everyone has a reluctance around doing something, personally it's about being in charge and having influence. Sometimes the key to our success is identifying what we don't do naturally so we can put a plan of action in place to get it done.


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What form does your dependence take?

blog dependence May 23, 2020

In new environments we tend to start out in a dependency state but as we learn and grow we gradually move through the dependency stages until we reach inter-dependent. 

Some will get stuck at the counter-dependent and independent stages, we should look out for this and take steps to lead them to interdependency.


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How does your environment affect your productivity?


If you’re struggling to make progress a change of scenery could make the difference

Coworking spaces are a new way to temporarily change your working environment 

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Why I’m not a Business Coach


Having run, grown and sold a successful business you would think I would be ideal to be a Business Coach

Having a clear idea of what motivates me made me realise I would be much better suited to leadership coaching and mentoring as I believe it will make more of a difference, a key motivator for me.



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